Cultures & Green Areas Boues et Eaux’s products can be used in agriculture. A cattle  breeder will find a solution to soils compaction and floor erosion by  dust formation on cattle, trucks or tractors passageway. Cultures Henceforth the matter of water became important in agriculture.   Boues et Eaux gives solutions for water gestion thanks to a range  of water retainers Wet-sorb®. Especially for crops that require a lot  of water during periods when it can rationned by prefectural  disposition (maize, hemp, etc...). The retainers will absorb the water and bring it back to crops when  they will need it the most. It could also be used to secure fertilizer and other products near the  roots. These products have an homologation from French Ministry of Agriculture. It guaranty their non-  tocity since they degrade naturally. This eco-action allows water and pesticides savings. Boues et Eaux also offers anti-dust products to apply in soils for trucks passageway. Soils is  stabilized. Trucks passages are no producing dusts that apply deposits on fruit trees, crops or  homes.             Green areas  Wet-sorb® can also be used as pralin on plants rooots. It can be used directly on soils before  planting, melted to substrate or to fix chimical or natural fertilizers.  The retainers is ideal for green walls with hydraulic pumps, to be added to green roofs substrate,  to stabilized sloping soils near roads, or to reduce watering in tree nurseries.  We can also provide with solutions to carry cutted flowers to floral decoration (Wet-sorb® + colored  additives). 
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