Lab tests & trainings
These two pictures shows a study in our laboratory:: Measuring the product’s speed response (here, a antifoam). How much time it gives to erase the foam ? Then, measure of the persistence of the product. How much time it gives to re-form?
Equipments for Boues et Eaux’s laboratory
Study on mud conditionning performed in our laboratory.
Weighing during a mud conditionning performed in our laboratory
Above, two phases realized with a “jar-test” : Liquids and solids separation by coagulation and flocculation.
Environment Consulting Company Boues et Eaux is an environmental company as such as our  company owns a laboratory where our chemists perform their jobs.  No time loss : our field team collect information directly with the  customer in their plant. Then, necessary tests to understand your  need are realized in our laboratory.  Your resquest is studied to the end mean and is followed by a report  given to you.  Trainings for working employees Boues et Eaux‘s services is closed up after the study of your  projects, but we also give trainings to the use of products and  equipments.  These trainings can be performed to Boues et Eaux’s plant, in your  offices or during seminars in France and Europe.  Boues et Eaux gives also trainings to students. Our last trainee  obtained the average mark 17/20 for Baccalaureat on his study  “Management of water in sugar refinery”. 
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