Urban Water Treatment For over ten years, Boues et Eaux has acquired a significant  experience in wasted water treatment, urban or private: stations,  artificial lakes, ponds, industrial or otherwise.  Our team will visit your plant to organise the key actions of your  project and answer your questions.  The good or bad functioning of your installations are linked to:  - Effluents quality variation,  - The settings of treatment units: centrifuges, belt filter presses, other,  - The choice of the reagents: coagulant, flocculant, bacterias, filtration easers,  - In the implementation of these products and their use.  Boues et Eaux can help you to overcome these situations by making better cost / performance  compromises. We can secure by ponctual controls - Boues et Eaux Progress Contracts - the good adaptation of  the chosen treatments. These regular actions allows a good functionning of your installations with  low costs. In case of huge changes in the effluents quality, Boues et Eaux quickly intervene to determine the  causes and propose useful modifications to perform an update.  Technical solutions  Our technical department would be able to supply you with adapted machines, sales or rents on  long or short period:  - Automated kiosks to disseminate the products continuously, - Canons to dessiminate of odors masking agent or eraser,  - Polymers automated preparations,  - Mobiles centrifuges, etc...
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